One click bookshop



Is this for real?

Yes, this is very real! We know this might seem like a joke but really we believe that choosing a book shouldn't be that complex and mostly should be more fun.


What if I hate the book?

First of all, please don't hate us for it! Second, don't worry. Just send the book back to the address in the package and we will refund the money, no questions asked!


Who is this for?

This website is for people who hate to choose and love surprises. Sound familiar? - Exactly, who doesn't?


Can I send it as gift?

Yes you can! In fact, there is no way you can't. Every book we send should feel like a gift to you in our opinion. Therefor we gift wrap every book we ship out!


Contact us?

That is awesome! We would love to hear from you but please by email



We accept paypay checkout to ensure one click shopping!

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